Gold miner.....=P

Its 9:00 pm in the night.My name is John  and I'm a gold miner.Day aft her day i get on my knees and dig for gold.I hatted this i just wanted to give up and fall to the ground.I was tired and cold my hair is full of dirt and so were my clothes.I digged and digged until i saw something sparkle is that what i think it is!=DDDD...i digged even faster with my bare numb hands I'm almost there i said to myself.Got it!...=D...wait is that what i think it is.... was that a wrapper a stinking old wrapper.This couldn't be! *tear,tear* as i wiped my face with my fitly shirt and began to dig againnnn.....=`((

5 senses

Dear kat, xoxoxoxo its been so long since i haven't wroten to you.We have a lot of things to catch up on.Well im in the hospital casue of my hearing. The nurse came in and told me i wouldn't be able to hear again but i dont know why.I cant remember 
what has happend to me that i had wound up in the hospital.Mama started crying but i knew in my heart she could be strong it wasn't that serious though.I guess i can't ever hear what people are saying again....=(( 
the best part was listening to all the gossip that was the best.Well i gotta go momma is telling me lights out she's been so over protective latley i tell her am fine but i just guess she'll never understand. Well sweet dreams..xoxoxoxox . LOVE:ALANA


Oh gosh! I said to myself.Should i do this is this safe?.As i sat in the chair with thousands of questions coming to my head.You ready i heard a man voice he had a deep voice but a nice one though.MS?? He said interrupting me out of my day dreaming.oh ummm....=\ yes i said.I wanted a fairy on the right corner of my back not to fancy but you know something simple.I had thought that tattoes were great to show them off to your friends .On the other hand it was kind of bad cause you never know if the person thats sticking this little needle in you clean it well!.I sat my chair glued to my seat i can feel the cold needle on my bare back I let out a scream but had controlled my self.Afther a while it wasn't bad but i just wanted to dagger him in the chest for not knowing how badly he was hurting me!.I got up to go model the tattoo in the mirror and smiled at the good work he had done.Thank you i said to him even though i wish i made the right choice but wait uh ohhhhh!!!!...what will mom and dad say.....=O