lil man lolz

dizz iz lil man lolz me and destiny new new new buddy lolz so were eva we go he g000 lolz so wen u s33 us jue gonna see him...=D lol

First daii uh ohhhh

Dear diary,

       Today was my first day of high school =( it wasn't the best day ever well let me just tell you what happen today.....xxxxx well i didn't kno were my first period class was and arrived in the classroom late and got yelled at by the teacher in front of the whole class..=(( it was so embarrassing. Then i trip and fell in the hallway and got laughed at!!!.i wanted to cry right there in the spotlight.i just wanted to run out of the school and go on home.But not only did bad things happen to me i met some new friends during lunch time kristy and crystal they were nice they made me laugh and i met some more people but i missed my old friends i still talk to them on aim but it's just not the same anymore i guess this is just a new life for me and i need to get use to it well cya mom is telling me lights out ill write bck 2morrow and tell you how my day went hopefully good =D