It's 6:00 am in the morning and i can hear loud screams.It sounds like someone is crying for help.As i pulled on my pink fluffy slippers on and pushed my face onto the glass i can see a man and a dog.The man was tall and built and had this deep voice that gave me shivers down my spine. wow i thought to myself it was nothing maybe it was just my imagination.As i had rested my head onto the pillow and shut my eyes close.I can here the same yelling that i heard 2 min ago i pulled on my slippers and grab a bat.H-Hello i said my voice sounding with fear looking around in the darken room.I ran to the window and saw the same built man and his dog.I could see his hand lift up above his head then BAM! smack the dog onto the head.I ran outside upset then ever! Stop!!! i yelled Stop!!! The tall man looked at me and smiled.I know this was a stupid idea to do but this dog needs some help!.Just go in your house and everything will be fine NO! i yelled.i could see the man coming towards my way rubbing his hands together.I started to back up towards the house until i felt his cold bare hands wrap around my arm.AS i twist and turned and yelled for help no one could hear me i was doom.I felt his hands cover my mouth there was nothing else to do but bite his hands. i had bit his hands and ran i grabbed the dog and ran.I didn't know where i was going but this dog needed some help.............................xoxxoxoxoxoxxo

HOW CAN WE PREVENT DOG ABUSE!.......As you guys just seen i just wrote a short story on animal abuse the way how we can prevent animal abuse is by working together this may sound lame but we all have 2 work together in order to stop animal abuse those small little animals out there are calling for our help they need us and they need us now!