first day uhhhh ohh prt 4

my crush in the hallway.sorry that my story ended short my mom came into my room and i hid my diary from her yeah thats right!!! she doesn't know that i have 1 and i will never tell her! its my journal it's for me to keep my personal stuff my secerts only you guys know whats going on with me and how i feel i can trust you guys to keep this a secret between me and you i want you guys to walk with me threw high school see how my life turns out see were i will be in the end help me make the right chocices not the wrong!! and when i finnish this journal ill go by a new one and continue from were i left off at =D i need you guys to help me i don't know what im doing right now i feel lost so lost .....=( im tired of crying my self to sleep keeping things bottel up inside not knowing what to do I NEED HELP! HIGHSCHOOL IS NOT FUN!

ps:kristy made a big lie about me and told everyone it's ok though i still have respect for her and would never do anything to hurt her but it's ok she can hurt me its not a promblem...=((