It's 9:00 am in the morning and I'm curious were all the plastic bags go.My name is Anna and i have a case to solve.As i turned on my computer and looked up what happens to all the plastic bags i found a a whole lot of things about plastic bags!!!.I had clicked on one of the links and read the article.My eyes open up  big and wide i couldn't believe what i just read so all the plastic bags that we use doesn't go any were!!! they go into the ocean and and harm the animals this is serious and i need to help out.  I have to convince people to start using there own bags once in a while then instead of these plastic bags that's harming our community. As i threw on my old t-shirt and a pare of dirty jeans and took my note pad and a pencil.I wanted to get down some notes just observe what people were doing with there plastic bags.As i headed out the door i could see the grocery shop with the yellow paint chipping off.I walked into the store and saw a nice lady putting food into the plastic bag. She was tall pretty with long golden hair and big brown deep set eyes. I thought to myself if i should go to her and ask her some questions but what if she was mean and nasty.I didn't care i walked up to the lady and said mm hi she said looking at me with a confuse face.Is it OK if i ask you some questions i asked her.Sure she said looking at me face to face i could tell she was trying to put on a smile but it just wouldn't show but that was OK. So i said to her what do you think happens to all of these plastic bags..??? she gave me a confuse look Do you even care about our  community the world
???? what about the AMIMALS!...She was still looking at me with her deep set brown eyes i couldn't believe i made a complete fool out my self. Im sorry i said to her and turned around to walk out.NO wait she called she said to me. It's not that i don't care about where the plastic bags go it's just that this is my job and i never payed any attention to where the plastic bags go now that you have brought it up to me i will take the time at home and think about all of these plastic bags. Well.... OK i said looking at her smiling and heading out the door.I had went back home and laid on my bed drifting off to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day for me hopefully a better one .....=D