First day uhhh ohh *update*

So sorry i haven't been writing in my entry for a while i........i......let me just move on well school has been so crazy for me i just want to drop out well that's what i think i want to do sometimes but anyway my parents got a divorce i was crying for weeks i don't think that i will be myself ever again i won't tell the other kids about it in school cause then there gonna think that they can pick on me some more oh by the way everyone hates me in school!!! all because of Kristy AND krystal so yeah i have zero friends but it doesn't really matter i always felt like i was by myself but that's ok i also asked my mom if i can switch my school and she said yes.....=D i guess at this point that her and dad broke up she's gonna let me do whatever yay but yeah i went to go and see the new school and it was so beautiful i even met the kids in the classes and they greeted me with a warm hand shake =D i fel so i dont know different i just couldn't wait to start the new school im going to change my personality and hopefully not a loser lol well im off of this now so goodnight you guys can't wait to take you to my new school and tell you how it's going to be

DOWN & OUT ----------XXXX

shoes vs bare feet

Dear Journal,

so ive chosed choice a) which was Walk barefoot at a fast pace for 1 minute. What do you notice that’s different from walking with your shoes on? Think about your heel, outer foot, arch, and toes

well i tryed this and my feet feels compeletly different then in my shoes when i walk a fast pace my feet rolls more and my toes spread out more then walking in a slow pace i can feel the arch in my foot bend more then walking in a slow pace or when im wearing my shoes/sneakers.I think that this was cool to look at the difference to see how your foot changes =) well i have to go so cya...XXX


So hey im just going to list a few things about medieval times.....

your on a team like red,blue,yellow etc

your seating is really cool cuz they bring food to you and the best part is you have to eat everything with your hands just like in the old times

when you walk in you have to where crowns the crowns represent which team your team was black and

you can take these really cool pictures with these old time clothes on



how my spring break is going so far

so hey you guys it`s me diamond writing you how my vacation is going so far and it`s pretty boring .sigh.just cant wait 4 highschool need 2 make new friends maybe then i will have something 2 do but for easter i went 2 this cool place called medivel times =D it was so fun ill tell u bout it in anter post and oh yeah i went 2 ih0p something i will talk about latter =D and yeah thats how my vacation is going so far ugh!!! i think imma take a nap so talk to you guys


dear diary,
i know that were on spring break but i saw kristy and my crush together yea thats right kristy and krystal was right beside her laughing it up i thought that i could trust krystal but i guess i was wrong she`s just like everyone else fake i guess im just gonna have to go threw this alone!!........wat should i do.......
@tell kristy to back off my crush
b.let it go
c.try and hurt kristy and krystal
i need your help and if i dont get an answer quickly i just might make the wrong choice well goodnight



first day uhhhh ohh prt 4

my crush in the hallway.sorry that my story ended short my mom came into my room and i hid my diary from her yeah thats right!!! she doesn't know that i have 1 and i will never tell her! its my journal it's for me to keep my personal stuff my secerts only you guys know whats going on with me and how i feel i can trust you guys to keep this a secret between me and you i want you guys to walk with me threw high school see how my life turns out see were i will be in the end help me make the right chocices not the wrong!! and when i finnish this journal ill go by a new one and continue from were i left off at =D i need you guys to help me i don't know what im doing right now i feel lost so lost .....=( im tired of crying my self to sleep keeping things bottel up inside not knowing what to do I NEED HELP! HIGHSCHOOL IS NOT FUN!

ps:kristy made a big lie about me and told everyone it's ok though i still have respect for her and would never do anything to hurt her but it's ok she can hurt me its not a promblem...=((

First daii uh ohhhh prt 3

dear diary,

well today was the last day of school it's spring break now im so excited and cant wait to see how my vacation will turn out.well let me just tell you a little what happen in school today so i lost my friend kristy but thats okay she really wasn't a true anyway =( im still kind of hurt by it but i know that i will get over it soon.I made this new friend name leya she's really nice and we have so many things in common =D and thats what i like about her.Today i pass my sci test i was so happy sci was my worst subject ever oh yeah and guess WHAT!!! I SAW..........

1 thing i would never do!!!

Dear diary,

   Today  i wanna talk about the one thing i will never do..........xxxxxx
i would never kill somebody i don't have the heart to do something like that if i did i would feel bad in the end....out of anything thats like the one thing i would never do!!!.....i know this is just a diary but what is the one thing you would never do????? well got to go talk to you latter cya =D


First daii uh ohhhh prt 2

well today was an awesome day at school it was better then yesterday it was April fools day and we played pranks on the teacher.I even met this new cuttie at school today i was so happy that we finally talk i was tired of keeping things away from him but oh well its all out now right =D well hmmm wat else happen today kristy got this new tatoo i went with her to go and get it i wanted to be there by her side since she was my new bestfriend!=D her tatoo was nice it was a butterfly with stars around it i thought it was pretty cool ill upload the pic latter but anywayz yeah today was the best day ever!!!!!

Signed chuchii luv u kristy and krystal!!!!!!