Well I'm here at the movie theater with my buddies having fun like always.As i found my seat and sat next to my bestest friend joe and watch the movie.I can feel my pants vibrating and it was my girlfriend she called 10 time and sent me so many text messages it was hard to keep track of. I can see she just sent me a text saying where am i. Dude i heard my friend say tell her to give you some space and to trust you and thats exactly what i did. I had text her and wrote give me some space and to trust me. She wrote me back and said fine it's over since you need your space. I didn't pay no message any mind at all i just kept watching the movie feeling hurt inside then ever.All i wanted was just to hang out with my friends and be able to enjoy life. The movie was over and i have no idea what has happen in the movie. MY friends looked at me and said you look a little down are you ok. I nodded my head and walked into the bathroom. When i grew up men weren't suppose to show there emotion at all we had to be strong and that what i just did. 
                    I had called a taxi cab and headed home...=(