First day uhhh ohh *update*

So sorry i haven't been writing in my entry for a while i........i......let me just move on well school has been so crazy for me i just want to drop out well that's what i think i want to do sometimes but anyway my parents got a divorce i was crying for weeks i don't think that i will be myself ever again i won't tell the other kids about it in school cause then there gonna think that they can pick on me some more oh by the way everyone hates me in school!!! all because of Kristy AND krystal so yeah i have zero friends but it doesn't really matter i always felt like i was by myself but that's ok i also asked my mom if i can switch my school and she said yes.....=D i guess at this point that her and dad broke up she's gonna let me do whatever yay but yeah i went to go and see the new school and it was so beautiful i even met the kids in the classes and they greeted me with a warm hand shake =D i fel so i dont know different i just couldn't wait to start the new school im going to change my personality and hopefully not a loser lol well im off of this now so goodnight you guys can't wait to take you to my new school and tell you how it's going to be

DOWN & OUT ----------XXXX