1. Should roboticists (those who make robots) avoidmaking robots that think and feel like humans?  Why or why not?

                          i think that they shouldn't make robots that think and feel because then they will get to attach to the humans. It would kind be nice to have a robot like that lol but when it's your time to go who are they going to have?. so my answer is no i don't think that they should make any kind of robots like that.

2. Should some robots be given human rights?  For example, the right not to be tortured, to be allowed to marry, to be educated, and to be free to practice a religion?

Honestly i think that if a robot was made exactly like a human then yes they should have rights because they are just like us. Even though i didn't agree in my first answer that they should make robots that have feelings  but if they were real like us they should have any kinds of rights that us humans have..=D