LIST 3 reasons why someone would steal a computher from our school....ok 1.There sexy 2. There hot...3.there beautiful... lolz now but the thing I don't understand is why will you still a mac with nothing on it!!! There's no youtube or anything I saw that there was aim on it but that's about it! Who ever stole the mac is just crazy and need some help you must have been really despreate...=T... 3 REASONS WHY DOING THIS WAS will feel guilty and blab it out by mistake 2.your gona regret it and 3.your gona get caught so just give it up.!! ...........WEll I remeber whenI was about 9 I stole something from the store yes I know you guys are thinking you lil theif hey I was but you know what at least I had the guts to return it unlike the person that stole the mac...hmmmmp im so dipointed in you...>=((


Dose this mean anything to you?if so why or why not? Yes it means a lot to me this is world history.They always said that a black president would never happen but look now we got obama!!! This mean change but as we heard the skin heads were trying to make a plot to kill obama and 80 or 88 african americans we have to be careful and look out....xoxoxoxo=\ :WHAT do you hope obama will do for president?I hope that he will change the school rules and the outside world rules its really hard to think of what I hope obama will do I just hope that the world would go great that's it..=D